If you are interesting in renting one of our properties you will find the process and links to information below.

1. Review Online Rental Posting for description, pictures, details, dates of availability and lease terms. You will find this to answer 90% or more of your questions.

2. Print and hand write and complete all sections of the application. Take a picture and send it via text messaging to Leslie 208-521-2040.

3. Allow 7-14 days for applications to be submitted. We will then review, select and check references. If approved, then we will call you to schedule a showing of the property.

4. Walk through the property and determine if this is the right fit and get all your questions answered. If it is, then write a check for your deposit. We will then enter your info and lease terms and present it for final review and signature.

5. Submit first months rent with your signed lease agreement and we will provide you the property keys.

6. Enjoy your new home. Make timely monthly payments via direct deposit or echeck bank transfer. Text or call with any questions, notifications, issues or concerns and we will promptly respond.

1353 June Ave Idaho Falls, ID 83704


Rental Applications accepted until May 5, 2017.

Property available June 1st.

May be available as soon as May 22nd, but will not know until the 20th.

Link to property information:,-110.203858,42.486276,-113.955689_rect/7_zm/1_rs/1_fr/?view=public

214 Center Street Irwin, ID 83428


Currently rented for a really long time to a happy couple who are making this their home complete with chickens, horses, and lots of family gatherings.

Link to property information:,-111.174431,43.34297,-111.291676_rect/12_zm/1_fr/?view=public